Hi there! Nice to meet you. I am an Amsterdam based illustrator and freelance creative, drawing my way through life.

In my work I do not only try to capture my love for fashion and lifestyle topics, but I also focus on the imperfections in the ‘perfect’ world of today as shown online and on social media. My illustrations have gained recognition in the likes from fashion icons such as Marc Jacobs and Moschino who shared my artwork.

A little about my own journey
So how did I end up here? After graduating from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with a MSc. in Public Administration & Communications I started working in the corporate world. It was after working for over 5 years as a Content Specialist and Team manager that I realized I neglected my creative side a bit. In 2016 I decided to took several courses at the University of the Arts in London, combined with practical lessons to find and hone my creative style. Next to my work as an illustrator, I also work as a freelance creative mind for various clients since 2017. You can find an overview of clients here.